UrbanTerror HD alpha
Posted by nOx on December 28 2010 10:57:28

As you may have noticed, the 0.1 Alpha version of Urban Terror HD has been released by Frozen Sand. For those of you not so knowledgeable about development cycles, alpha is the first playable stage of a game, beta comes after that and then the game gets released. This is in no means a stable game so we won't be using it for the leagues. This is a direct quote from Frozen Sands newspost:

This is NOT a replacement for Urban Terror 4.1 and is to be used at your own risk. Your PC might explode, catch fire, and cause your cows to stop giving milk. This is not a stable build ready for league use.

So please, do NOT remove 4.1, Urban Zone will not be using the alpha releases for its leagues, maybe beta but we'll see when we cross that bridge. Our policy is "if it ain't better, we ain't changing".

For those that wanna test the game, and help Frozen Sand, because that's how you should see it, helping the developers make this game.

DOWNLOAD NOW! --> http://waskan.es/descargas/UrbanTerrorHD.zip

At this moment there aren't any Linux or Mac versions released, the developers are working on it.

ps. Our own mirror is back up and running Smile